Frequently Asked Questions..

A nourishing, moisturising, stimulating balm for lips.


Yes it's chilli and Yes it's excellent.

Is it a 'lip gloss'?

NO! It's a LIP BALM - it conditions, moisturises and with its' combination of special ingredients, it's a unique and excellent lip balm for lips.*

Does it contain all natural ingredients?

YES! 100% all natural ingredients - all organic and nothing artificial.

Cocoa butter, wax, almond oil, avocado oil, peppermint, chilli and Vitamin E.

Is it tested on animals? - (I hope not, I love them little furry guys...)

NO! It is NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS - only cool people, naturally!

How do I apply it?

Twist the cap to break the safety seal.  For best results, apply liberally and regularly on your lips.

What can I expect?

You'll love the smooth velvety texture and its' fresh minty scent.

It's not waxy and not slimy.  It has no colour and no taste.

What is the "Formula Five Effect"?

The "Formula Five Effect" or (F5E) is what you will experience after a few minutes after application. The unique and special combination of the all natural ingredients will start to work as the natural oils and emolients are absorbed.

Formula Five's special combination of ingredients increases blood flow and say goodbye to thin dry lips forever!  Hello sexy mouth.

You will experience a lovely warming HUMMM on your lips that will last for a couple of hours and you'll think: "that's nice - I kinda like it !" (que glazed expression and grin).

WARNING - it's slightly addictive - "NORMAL" LIPS WILL BE  THING OF THE PAST!

Can I kiss someone when I've got it on?

If you like and if they like. Go for it!  You WILL be incredibly kissable after all!

We recommend you tell the 'kissee' that you're hot but not in the way they might think!

Gives new meaning to the burning kiss...yes?

I'm allergic to everything - can I use it?

Be sensible! You will have to decide that for yourself.  It is all 100% natural and If you can eat chocolate, almonds, honey, avocado and chilli without exploding, you should be fine but do so at your own risk!

CONTAINS NUT OILS.  If in doubt consult your GP.


WARNING -picante! Contains chilli.

Avoid contact with eyes. 

* Not recommended for children.






Ultra Conditioning &

100 % All Natural

Stimulating & Unique



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